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As a new indie studio, we have decided to return to the quality of classical game masterpieces. We will combine all of the very best, time-tested game principles into a deep and enjoyable mixture of dungeon crawling RPGs into our game, called “Dungeons of Aledorn”. Our main aim is cater to the hard-core gamers and those who find games generally a bit too easy and are looking for a real gaming challenge.

As we were building the foundations of our game, we constantly kept in mind several classical games, which served as our main source of inspiration. Namely; Betrayal at Krondor, Realms of Arkania: Shadows over Riva, Might & Magic, King’s Bounty and the early Fallout series. Dungeons of Aledorn will therefore be a mixture of puzzles, branched dialogues, tactical combat, quests-solving and most of all an intriguing and complex RPG.


During numerous travels between important game locations, you´ll use several different GUIs, which are somewhat similar to the system from Baldur’s Gate or the classical Fallout series. Other than these fixed locations, you’ll face countless random encounters and secret areas which will, amongst other stuff, enable you to familiarize yourself with the history and facts of the world and these help to reinforce the atmosphere and depth of the DoA universe.

The third, and for us also the most challenging, and most important feature of DoA, is theGUI for the combat system. Combat combines an isometric view and bird ́s eye perspective; this offers the maximum battlefield overview possible to the player. One of the best features is the absence of standard, predetermined battlefields. Our combat GUI will place all party members and enemies in the same place that they were standing just before the combat commenced. This means that clever maneuvering and decisions, within the exploration GUI, may give the player an advantageous position at the start of combat with everything that you see during exploration present and, potentially, usable during the fighting.

Our story takes place on an archipelago, which consists of nine separate islands. Players will spend a great deal of time on the central island, which is called Nirma. This is where the new war, between humans and Orcs, is ravaging and this is the focal point of our story.

Several main, and also side-quests, will lead the player also to the other islands. Each of which has often distinct climate, inhabitants and local problems and unique enemies. Get ready to explore many dungeons, ruins of old civilizations or abandoned castles that are set in forests, plains, mountains, marshes, tropical forests.

The player may choose from nine character races and six different classes. Each of the classes may then further specialize in a two different skills upon fulfilling its appropriate class advancement quest.

DoA has a robust inventory system, where every inventory slot is of a high importance, and especially so during the combat system. Each character has up to 30 inventory slots in total.

An interesting part of the game is the management of camping. This is when your characters need to stop for a while in the open. Whilst camping they may be assigned various actions via the camping management GUI, such as hunting, brewing potions, gathering, resting, tinkering, meditating and guarding. The results of these actions will affect statistics of some party members, the group possessions or the overall performance of your party.

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